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Does the Noun Project for macOS app work with PCs?


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  • Charles Ellman

    I would really like a Noun Project app for Windows. It is so fast and so much simpler than downloading and importing images from the website. I'm trying to get my whole team on it. Share some love with the PC!

    Also, a huge help would be to be able to alter the fill and/or stroke of the images before exporting them. I know (on Mac) I can drag and drop the SVG into Illustrator and change it there, but I use this with Axure a lot and they, like many other wireframe programs, don't have SVG support.

    I don't need a full featured designer, but it would improve the workflow a lot to be able to pick a color before it gets rasterized as a PNG.

    ...Unless you are just storing pre-rasterized pngs in black fill and multiple sizes. In that case, please add SVG support to the Noun Project app so you can render on the fly.



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