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  • Nathan Diesel

    How long does it take to approve a new icon? I uploaded a collection 9 days ago and the icons are still visible on the "Awaiting Moderation" page, as well as on my page of "Uploads" with a big red X in the lower right corner. I'm not sure what the red X means but when I click on the "I" icon next to it, I see the words, "This icon is being curated. We appreciate your patience." What does the big red X mean anyway? It makes me think that they are not approved and need to be deleted.

  • Emily

    Hi Nathan,

    Right now it's about a week to see your icons approved. The red X should mean that the icon has been denied. We had a bug that displayed that on icons while they were being curated and given tags, but that's now fixed. If you check back at your icons now, then it's likely they're live and approved.

  • Alex Bu

    The approvals take too long to process! :) Some of my icons are more than 02 weeks old in awaiting mode. I know it's hard to keep up with the pace, but sometimes it took me too long so I lose focus on creating new icons.

    Every other thing is brilliant, after all.
    I love The Noun Project!

  • Gleb Khorunzhiy

    it will be very handle to have an ability to make a collections from old single uploads. Or simply add new icons to the existing collection.


  • Emily

    Hi Alex - definitely understand where you're coming from! We're doing our best with a new system we've put in place. Hoping to get back to normal soon.

    Hi Gleb - yes, we agree. For now, please go ahead and send your uploads to us along with the collection name that you'd like your icons to be under and we can move things around for you.


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